Intensive Driving Courses.

Are you looking to learn to drive quickly but safely?

If you would prefer to spend one hour each week for the next 12 months learning to drive the the intesive course isn't for you.

We will teach you to drive safely on various types of roads and then train you in the area where you will be taking your driving test. Ideally this will also be where you will doing most of your driving after you have passed your test.

At Learn the Wright Way Driving School, we believe that it is better to complete 1.5 hrs to 4 hours intensive driving sessions over a 1 to 10 week period before taking your test.

+ Normal Lessons
+ Block Bookings
+ Block Bookings
+ Refresher Lessons

For all prices text or call Jamie on 07738 179235 or email

Note: That the above prices do not include your Theory Test or Pratical Driving Test

Need more information, contact Jamie on 07738 179235.